December 2019 Concept development

● VIP Group entry opens for 2000trx

● Website will be redesigned and prepared for Dapp and blockchain integration.

● TRC-20 Boss Token Contract will begin construction following the successful release of the updated website.

● Teasers of our flagship battle royal game ‘Boss Battle’ will begin to be released to the community.

January 2020 Pre-Sale - Marketing

● Details of a 3 stage pre-sale will be released in preparation off our platforms release for marketing and to apply incentives for new players.

● VIP players will be given access to begin beta testing the new Dapp release, and all future beta Dapps.

● Marketing campaigns will begin in late january, to raise awareness for the release of Boss Gaming, and to spread the word for the Frag and Void token integration and event.

● Pre-sale begins by the end of January.

February 2020 The official release

● Data collected from VIP’s beta test phase will be applied, and finishing touches will be made on the first Dapp.

● The official release date of Boss Gaming will be released to the community, as will the deadline for the presale.

● Contracts will be inspected for bugs and verified and released to the public.

● Boss Gaming Ecosystem will be released fully by the end of February.

March 2020: External Token Integration

● A section will be added to the website in March that will show the current frozen amount of DST and also a record of previous payouts credited to Boss Gaming’s contract.

● The VIP group will be tasked with brainstorming the next Dapp, withmany ideas and possibilities available, we want to make our players happy.

● Based on revenue, preparations will begin on the revenue sharing system of the VIP group.

● Boss will begin looking for other successful tokens to add to the ecosystem for wagering on Dapps.

● Arrangements will be made to search for additional developers to aidin the growth and maintenance of the platform.

April 2020: VIP revenue sharing system

● Expected to add VIP revenue sharing system sometime in April.

● Details on the next Dapp/Dapps and release dates will be revealed.

● An updated roadmap will be released, based on platform success,quality of our team, and the strength of our community, we will keep striving for value, and sustainability.