About Us

Boss gaming, is a sophisticated PVP platform dedicated to giving players the chance to put there money where their mouth is and directly engage others in an ever expanding ecosystem of skill, strategy, and downright ruthless Dapps in order to take their friends and foes TRX. Our first release, Boss Battle, will be our flagship Dapp, a battle royal game were hoping will shock and awe the Tron ecosystem.

Why BossPVP?

We hope to offer an ecosystem that is fair for everyone, and to create a sustainable source of passive income for the community. A model that only draws income from players pockets just to pay the same money out can not offer long term sustainability, and can only be achieved with constant FOMO. Boss Gaming will launch with a program in place to add value to our contract through the Dappstats.com sponsorship see whitepaper for details. Through this alternative means of adding value, Boss will be able to create an ever expanding Empire of gaming, services, and sustainable income for our players.